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December 11, 2012

The Affects of Being Left Handed-Part 2

Part 1 of left handed stitching talked about the "mirror image affect."

I want to take that further, and talk about the "reverse spiral affect":

When a lefty works in the round, they work clockwise.

When a righty works in the round, they work counterclockwise.

If all you have is a chart to follow, you have to keep this in mind.  I was working on the triangle motifs for my Christmas Tree Topper and because the written directions were written so poorly, all I had was the chart.  Sometimes, I'd lose my place in the chart, because I naturally wanted to read it clockwise (in the opposite direction I was supposed to).

Draw on the chart to remind you which direction to read it.

After I did that, I had no problem at all.


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