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November 13, 2012

Operation Christmas Tree Angel

Growing up, my family had an angel Christmas tree topper that somehow disappeared.  We really liked it, an all fabric angel topper, that was cute but not overly so.  And we haven't had that topper for a few years now, and having nothing on the tree top is just strange.

So I decided to make one, this year.

And Step 1 of Designing a Pattern is make a sketch, so that's the stage I'm in now.

Like most of my patterns, it'll be both knit and crochet.

Knit solid stockinette stitch hugging the cone, then a crocheted lace to go over that.  Crocheted wings.  And I'm undecided about the hair right now.

I've been knitting the bottom of the dress, and it's been taking a long time.


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