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November 8, 2012

Knitted Watch Band: Update

Okay, remember the knitted watchband I made?

After wearing it for awhile, the weight of the watch would constantly tug on the band, shifting the face of the watch to the inside of my wrist.

So, I don't recommend that pattern, unless you sew a piece of elastic in the inside, then sew the watch face to the elastic.

I was too lazy to knit that band all over again (since it took me a week to do), so I just took my Mass Effect Wristband pattern, scratched the Fair Isle chart, made it a made it a custom fit for my wrist (see the first formula) then sewed the band on a piece of elastic, then the watch to the elastic.  Instead of a week of knitting, I was able to do this in a day.

Go Go Gadget Watch!

So far, it's working well.  I haven't come across the same problem.


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