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October 9, 2012

Yarn Burn Protection--Free Knit Pattern

Back in February, I posted a crocheted finger cover pattern to protect yourself from yarn burn.  Recently, I thought, "Why not give the knitters some love, too?"  Knitters deserve to protect themselves from yarn burn just as much as crocheters!  So, I created a free finger cover pattern for the knitters out there!

Gauge: Not too important, because it takes longer to check your gauge than to make the finger cover.  If you want to check to see if it'll actually fit, then, rows 1-10 should be the size of the space between your 1st and 2nd knuckle on your forefinger, and 10 sts should be able to wrap snugly around the 1st and 2nd knuckle around your forefinger.

Size 8 (5.0 mm) needles.  I recommend using circular needles for reasons I will discuss in the pattern.

Worsted weight yarn.  Vanna's Choice, Kelly is used in the pattern and pictures.

Yarn needle.

Cast on 10 sts
Rows 1-10: k in each st across. (10 sts)
This should be the length between your 1st and 2nd knuckle on your forefinger, or the finger you get yarn burn on.

Row 11: k2tog, k6, k2tog. (8 sts)

Rows 12-16: k in each st across. (8 sts) Don't bind off.

Now, cut the yarn leaving a long enough tail to sew the side seam, and thread it through the eye of the yarn needle.

Here's why I recommend using circular needles: You insert the needle from right to left.

So you'll either:
1) slide the stitches to the other end of the circular needle and slip them off or 2) slip the stitches to the other needle, so you can slip them off.

Which ever you decide, it looks like this:

Pull the yarn tight.  It'll look like the top of a knitted hat.

Sew the side seam.  Weave in the ends.  And protect that finger from yarn burn!


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