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October 2, 2012

How to Weave Two Fabrics

You can do this knitting or crochet, the principles are the same.  My example is crocheted, because it's faster for me to do.

All you do is your make a solid piece for at least a few rows, then separate it into columns, then back to solid.  For example, in my pieces I crocheted 10 stitches, for 3 rows, then the outside columns for 3 stitches for 13 rows, and the inside columns for 2 stitches for 13 rows.  Then, I joined them back together for 3 rows.

Stage 1) three rows of 10 stitches
Stage 2)
outside=thirteen rows of 3 stitches
inside=thirteen rows of 2 stitches
Stage 3)
crochet in each stitch, thus, going back to 10 stitches
Stage 4)
completed piece

After you have one piece done, then when you get to stage 2, weave it in the first piece before you start stage 3:

Then, just complete stages 3 and 4 same as before.

This is a simplified version of what you can do.  You can increase or decrease the amount of rows to make, and alter this to create whatever you want.  The possibilities are endless.  This is just a foundation for you to work on :).


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