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October 11, 2012

Crocheted Binding on an Afghan

I posted a tutorial on how to hide yarn floaters with a crocheted binding.  I said that I was in the process of doing this for an afghan I was working on, but it was taking FOREVER because it's over 6 feet long and 5 feet wide.

Well, I finished the binding!

The process was exactly the same as the little sample I made.  After I made the two sides for the border, it looked like this:

Then, just like the sample, I single crocheted the two pieces together:

The finished border then serves two purposes, 1) hides your yarn floaters, and 2) acts as a frame for your afghan.

I'm pleased with how the afghan turned out.  And even though the border took a few weeks to finish, it was worth it.  Now, a year and half of work will be given away...I just hope they like it.


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