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September 6, 2012

When you don't like frogs... don't want to rip-it!

On Tuesday's post I talk about how to alter a pattern to make it your own, to add your own unique spin on a pattern.  Well, sometimes patterns don't have a gauge, and this really messes with me every time.  Even when there is a gauge, I always seem to have to buy a new pair of knitting needles because I don't have the right type in that size (circular, double pointed, straight, etc.)  This is my constant battle with knitting, and someday, I will win!  I will have bought all the needles I need!  Muahahahahha!

**clears throat**

Excuse me, I don't know what came over me there...

Going back to the kerchief I made for Tuesday's post--it was itty bitty when I was done.  ITTY BITTY, let me tell you!  Not nearly big enough.  So, when that happens, what do you do?  I mean, I've already bound off, I'm stuck with a itty bitty kerchief.

Knitting Solution: Get a needle that's smaller than the one you used, pick up the stitches in the row before the bind off and frog it out (rip-it).  Then follow the pattern like normal until it's the desired size.

Crochet Solution: Crochet in the bind-off and make it the shape you want.  Because this pattern increases two stitches every other row, I just did the same, only crocheting instead of knitting.

Either way, it's frustrating.  You put all this work into something, then find out it's not the right size.  And this all could have been solved with a gauge swatch...Why? **waves fist in the air to pattern designer gods** why must you torture me so!

I chose the latter of the two solutions.
And here's my final piece:


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