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September 20, 2012

The Affects of Being Left Handed

People normally don't talk about the affects of being left handed: what actually changes when you knit or crochet something left handed, when the instructions are written for right handed people.  When books talk about learning these crafts left handed, only a paragraph or so is dedicated to the topic.

But what really happens?  How do your projects actually change?

Three words: Mirror Image Effect.

-tall crocheted stitches lean to the right for lefties, instead of the left.
-when doing tapestry crochet in the round, the colorwork pattern leans in the opposite directon
-seams spiral in the opposite direction

and this:

If your piece isn't truly symmetrical, this is what you get: a true mirror image.  I had my mom crochet the piece on the right, since I am sloppy when I crochet right handed, while I made the piece on the left.

Despite our differences in gauge, you can see that by following the exact same pattern, we got mirror images.

Normally, this isn't a big deal, but what if you are following a pattern that says to applique the right side to something, and you aren't aware that you, being left handed, are supposed to sew the wrong side instead to make the same shape (crochet only, knitting is a whole different beast).

Knitting, like I said, is a whole different beast.  For knitting, (because there is a clear wrong side, and right side), you would have to completely alter the pattern in order to make it look the same, by shifting around where increases and decreases are.

Being left handed is a pain, sometimes, because of this.  If you aren't aware of how it changes the piece you're working on, it'll be frustrating if you find out the hard way.


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