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September 13, 2012

Problem Solving, with Yarn

Problem: You live in an apartment, dorm, or even a house, with a window that puts an awful glare on your TV.  This glare is constant every day, all day, and it bothers you.

You want to get blackout curtains to fix the problem, because even a regular curtain leaves the glare on the TV, but you don't want (or aren't allowed) to put nails in the wall, so hanging a curtain rod is out of the question.

Solution: buy the blackout curtains and heavy duty Command ™Hooks, then either
a) sew a blanket stitch onto the top edge of each curtain, then crochet along the blanket stitch a few rows. (same as the picture)


b) Knit a few rows that's as wide as the curtain (so the whole top of each curtain is covered), bind off, and sew onto the curtains.

After the edges are attached to the curtains, attach the Command ™ Hooks to the wall (the amount of strips depends on the weight of the curtains).

Wait for the hooks to set, then hang the curtains on the hooks.  No damage is done to your walls, and the pesky glare on your TV is gone!

This problem happened to me, in the last apartment I lived in Oregon.  And this solution worked quite well for me.  When I wanted to pull the curtains back, I simply tied them to the side.


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