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September 25, 2012

Hiding Yarn Floaters with Crocheted Binding--Part 1

I have been working on the same afghan for about a year and a half now.  Here's me, working on the afghan not that long ago:

I 'm just to the point where I finished working on getting it the size that I want, but now I have this problem (see picture on the right)

Instead of cutting off the yarn strands at the end, I just stranded/floated them up when I needed that color again (because, in the end, it leaves less strands of yarn to weave in).  Thus, leaving the strands of yarn for all to see, which is not attractive.

I have two options:
a) single crochet around the edge
b) create a binding to sandwich the edges in

I created two small samples to show what each option looks like

Option A (single crochet around the edge)
This is pretty straightforward, and on the right side (left) it looks alright.  It looks like what it is: a crocheted edge.

But when you get to the wrong side (right) you can see that the stranded yarn bunches up and is quite visible, which isn't very attractive.

Option B (create a binding to sandwich the edges in)
With the binding, you essentially are sewing on a border (just like when you sew on blanket binding).  This hides the strands, and shows no evidence of them on either side (right side=left picture, wrong side=right picture).

Stay tuned for Thursday's post,  for instructions on how to create the binding.


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