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August 7, 2012

My First Stitch: Twisted Half Double Crochet

When I learned how to crochet, I didn't take the "normal" route and learn a single crochet first.  The first stitch I ever learned in crochet was supposed to be a double crochet (and for years I thought it in fact was a double crochet), but, in fact, it wasn't.

It was a stitch I have never seen anyone stitch, ever.  I've never seen it in books, nor have I seen people to the stitch.  And when people have seen me do this stitch, I usually get a, "what the heck is that?" response.

I like to call it a "twisted half double crochet" stitch.  It's as tall as a half double crochet, but a knot is created at the bottom of the stitch.

So, here's how it works:
0) pre starting the stitch

1) yarn over just like a half double crochet

2) insert the hook into the next stitch

3) yarn over

4) pull yarn over through the stitch
(there should be three loops on the hook)

5) pull the first loop through the second
(pull it through from behind to the front, this twists the loop)

6) there are now two loops on the hook

7) yarn over, and pull through the loops to finish

Font view

Back view
(looks like a tall single crochet)

close up of the Twisted Half Double, you can see the knot on the bottom

close up of a normal half double crochet for comparison

And that's the stitch!


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