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August 16, 2012

Make Something from Nothing

Sometimes, when you're practicing a new stitch, or working on making your gauge consistent, or you're just learning and are afraid to follow a're stuck with a big fat block o' nothing.

What do you do with that?

For instance, I knitted a big ol' rectangle of blah to take pictures for a series of posts for this blog.  Normally, when I do this, I don't cut off the end (leave it attached to the yarn ball), then just frog it when I'm done taking pictures.  But, with this big ol' rectangle of blah, I had to cut off the end to post about weaving in the ends.  After all that work, I didn't want to just rip it out.

What do you do with that?

I had no idea.  Then I remembered that I could use a cell phone cozy for when I don't have any pockets, and I'm just dinking around the house cleaning and what not.  So I just folded it in half, sewed up the seams, added a crocheted row to the top (because it wasn't quite tall enough), and crocheted a strap.  Then bam, it was no longer a big ol' rectangle of blah, but a new cell phone cozy!

And it's as simple as that to make something from nothing.  All you have to do is keep an open mind, and don't just look at the big ol' block as a flat block.  Fold it up!  See what a simple fold changes the shape into, and see if you can sew the seams to create something.  For example, you can fold a flat circle into a fortune cookie.  Or sew two super big rectangles you made to make a laptop case (that's what I did).

You don't need a pattern to create something.  If you've already got a big ol' stash of "I have no idea what to do with this...thing" then with a few tweaks, you're on your way to making those nothings into somethings.


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