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August 21, 2012

Knooking the Knit Stitch

My mom has been sewing since she was 7 years old.  She loves it like I love knitting and crochet.  And because of that, I have spent many hours in fabric stores or the fabric sections of stores.  Lately, when my mom and I have been in Walmart I've noticed this thing called a Knook.  Basically, it' s a crochet hook that's similar to a corded afghan hook, only instead of a stiff cord, it's a string that extends the hook.

Looking at this thing for a few months now, I thought about what the advantages would be to using this altered crochet hook instead of two knitting needles.

Using two crochet hooks that I have which are the same brand and same size, I created a swatch to see the advantages.

Note: the green hook just takes place of the string.  I found a youtube video by the Leisure Arts which shows the same advantages I'll be pointing out, if you want to look at it here.

Advantage 1) the hook holds the yarn in place as you knit.  Using knitting needles, I can't knit the continental method because the yarn always slips off, but I was able to do it using the hooks.
Left: Continental Method    Right: English Method

Advantage 2) Because the hook holds the yarn in place, you can practice the most important thing when learning how to knit: muscle memory.  This is crucial for beginners and learning how to make your stitches a consistent size.

the knit side of a stockinette swatch all done with the hooks

Thursday, I'll talk about the disadvantages I discovered, and going over the purl stitch.


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