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August 9, 2012

Crochet in a Knitted Piece

Knitting and crochet both have different textures and appearances.

In a previous post, I talk about some dialysis sleeves I made for my mom, but I didn't talk about why I both knit and crocheted them.

  1. Knits are super stretchy, so knitting is more appropriate for the forearm part of the sleeve because it'll stretch to fit snugly towards the elbow.
  2. Crochet is more rigid, so it's more appropriate for the palm part of the mitt because your palm always stays in the same position (aka, the palm can't bend).
And here's how to accomplish crocheting in a knitted piece!

-Note: I knit right handed, and crochet left handed, so for people who crochet and knit in the same direction, they'd be crocheting in the right side, instead of the wrong side (like I do).

Yay knitted piece!

This is the top of the knitted piece.
See the Vs?  It's just like the top of a crochet stitch.

All you do is crochet in the top of the bind off (the Vs)

So I crocheted single crochet rows:
Make sure your crochet stitches have the same width as the knitted stitches.

Front and Back:

Easy peasy!

Happy stitching!


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