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May 4, 2012

Size isn't everything!

It's's not just the size of the hook, but also the shape that effects your gauge.

To prove my point, I stitched up an experiment.  I have 3 different shaped H (5.00 mm) hooks:

from left to right:
1) thrift store "mystery hook"
2) Susan Bates brand
3) Boye brand

I crocheted three 20 sts/20 rows squares, 1 square for each hook.

each square got slightly wider, but had the same height.

smallest square on top (mystery hook)
to largest square on bottom (Boye hook)

So, I repeat: it's not just the size of the hook that effects you gauge, it's also the shape!

This is good to know if you can't quite get the right amount of stitches in your gauge swatch, but have the height right, try using a different brand of hook.  This is something I've run into before, but didn't think about it at the time.  So I thought I'd save you guys the trouble :).


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