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May 9, 2012

Purling Right Handed for Lefties

Since Monday, I showed you how to knit right handed for lefties, today I'll show you the purl done right handed for lefties.

Note: the yarn is in the right hand (English Method), and if you are following a pattern, no alterations needed, because you're knitting "right handed"
1) When you insert the right needle into the stitch, just insert the left needle down onto the right needle.

2) Hold the needles in your left hand, while you yarn over (counterclockwise) starting between the needles.

3) Move the left needle up and over (moving the needle in front of) the right needle.

4) Move the right needle up and away from the left needle, pulling the completed stitch off the left needle.  This is the only time I move the right needle, during the stitch.

And that is how you purl right handed for lefties!


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