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May 7, 2012

Knitting Right Handed for Lefties

Okay, if you don't know already, I am left handed who crochets left handed, and learned how to crochet before I learned how to knit.  Crochet felt very natural for me so learning the mechanics of it took me about a half hour.

Knitting on the other hand!  Felt very awkward, and clunky, and blegh!  I tried learning from my sister first (who knits right handed one row, then, instead of turning to purl the next, she knits the next row left handed).  I just could not wrap my head around this because you have to constantly alter the patterns you're working on, adjusting them to the left handed rows.

So, I tried knitting left handed, but that felt so unnatural because I kept losing my yarn from the yarn overs, (with the yarn in my right hand) and I could not have the yarn in my left hand, because after 3-4 years of crocheting left handed (yarn in right hand), changing which hand held the yarn was not an option.

So, after 3 years of on and off attempts in trying to get knitting down, I discovered that I indeed could knit right handed via my left hand.  Confused?  All that means is, you knit the English method (yarn in the right hand) while keeping the right needle stationary, moving the left needle to create the stitch.

Here's some pictures to show what I mean:

1) When you insert the right needle in the stitch, just insert the left needle down onto the right needle.

2) Hold the needles in your left hand, while you yarn over (counterclockwise) 

3) Move the left needle up and over (moving the needle behind) the right needle

4) Move the right needle up and away from the left needle (this is the only time I move the right needle)

Congrats, you've completed a knit stitch :)

I hope this help you on your knitting endeavors, and spares the headaches of trying to learn, like I had.

Happy knitting!


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