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April 6, 2012

Designing a Pattern-Part 3

After creating the body, I measured how long I wanted the cape, and how wide.  Knowing that my gauge was 20 sts/4" and 26 rows/4", I can find out how many sts to cast on for how many rows (same process as my "Make It to Fit" post.

So, I needed to cast on 50 stitches, and evenly decrease to 37 stitches over 48 rows.  This ended up being 80% of the rows had a 1 stitch decrease.  Knowing this, the cape was easy, just knitted away (though it took all day).

It was the hood that was the tough part.  I needed to create a large hole for the face.  I went through idea, after idea, after idea...and nothing was successful that didn't look sloppy.  Finally, I realized I could knit an open block, then crochet inside it to shape it.  I made a test swatch, and it looked good, so I just did that.

Here's what my guy looks like so far:


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