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April 4, 2012

Designing a Pattern-Part 2

So now we delve into part 2 of designing my Journey amigurumi.  Previously, in part 1, I talked about the importance of drawing a picture/sketch of your idea.

Now, we get to the actual creating.  But first, lets take a look at the picture one more time:

In part two, I'll be talking about the body: the legs, torso, and head.  So, we know that the legs are small at the feet, then increase in size.  The problem of this is that it's hard to keep this shape and be able to support the weight of the body at the same time.  My first attempt at creating the legs, they looked exactly like they did in the picture, but even though I used weighted stuffing beads, the body could not be supported.

So then I thought about what needed to be done in order to keep the shape, but make the legs more stable.  I knew two things: 1) the bottom needed to be flat, and 2) the legs had to be rigid.  The solution I came up with was to use two wooden dowels in the legs, but don't close the bottom, so the body would be standing on the dowels, not the yarn (which could make the base unstable).

Once the dilemma of the legs was solved, I had to get the torso crocheted.  I knew the front of the torso had to be a rectangle, but I didn't want the base to be one too, so I made the base an oblong then didn't increase or decrease any stitches for the body.  At the head I switched to the black yarn, decreased for the neck and increased again for the actual head.  The only problem now was how to get the points for the ears.  I decided, for the last row, to shape them (double crochets for the ears, and single crochets for the rest of the head), then sew the top of the head closed.

The end result looks like this:


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