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March 12, 2012

Terrible Tribble

I am in the process of creating some sort of crocheted monster thing, inspired by Fizzgig from the movie Dark Crystal.

I'd been working on it all weekend, while watching my dad play Mass Effect 3 (because he killed all but 3 of the characters from ME2, and I saved all of them, so I wanted to see how this changed ME3).  Anyway, while I was crocheting away, dad just looked at the giant blob I was making (the body) and said, "It's a tribble!"

So, here's my monster in progress, aka, a tribble.

So far, my favorite Trek series is Enterprise, or DS9.  I've been watching the shows from beginning to end on Netflix, since I've never seen ANY of the shows consecutively, and I haven't seen Voyager at all...I finished Enterprise, The Original Series, and now I'm in Season 3 of Next Gen, and Season 2 of DS9.


  1. You should totally watch Voyager, I just love there being a female captain.

    1. I had to temporarily cancel my Netflix, and I hadn't gotten that far yet. I was looking forward to Voyager, because that is the one I haven't seen at all. But I will "never give up! Never surrender!" (quote from Galaxy Quest)