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March 26, 2012

Granny Square Dog Sweater

So, I apologize for not posting on Friday--I was in the Emergency Room from 7 am to 1 am because of my mom's toe.  She's a-okay, though, and we'll be going back down to Sac for an appointment next month.

Now, on with the post!
Winter hit us this week, hard, and my little Maltese Poodle (maltipoo?) has been FREEZING.  Back in December I bought an issue of Crochet Today and when I saw my little Terra shivering outside yesterday, I remembered a dog sweater pattern.  I have over 90 granny squares I've made for an afghan that has been shelved (that probably won't ever get done 'cause I despise motifs), so I decided to use them for my pooch's sweater.

The pattern called for 12 motifs, but my doggy's so tiny that I could only use 6.  So, to size it down, I sewed a 3 by 2 rectangle together for the top/back, then crocheted along the bottom/underside for the belly (she was even too small to use a full granny square).   To make sure it was sized right, I'd put it on her periodically, and the end result was so cute:


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