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February 27, 2012

PlanetJune's Invisible Decrease for the Wrong Side

Well, I recently bought June Gilbank's book, Complete Idiot's Guide to Amigurumi for my Kindle because I follow her blog and she is an amigurumi wizard!

One thing she discussed in the book, which is also in a tutorial on her site, is the invisible decrease.  In the book she wrote, "The invdec is invisible from the front, but it leaves a visible horizontal bar on the back of the work."

But if you're working on a piece, and you don't want the decrease to show, but you're on the wrong side?  All you do is change where you initially insert your hook.  When following her tutorial (which is written perfectly, so I'll just direct you to hers here) all you do is insert your hook into the back loops of the stitches you want to decrease.  This makes it so that the bar won't appear on the wrong side, but, instead, on the right side.


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