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February 24, 2012

Kolláge Square Knitting Needles: A Review

So, I came across these strange looking knitting needles by accident.  I'd never heard of square knitting needles before!

But I went to a Knitting Social a few months ago, while working on a hat project, and I forgot my double pointed needles!  I wasn't just going to sit there and stare at them knit for an hour--I had to buy new needles.

"Which needles do you recommend?"  I asked the women at the social.

The woman next to me was quick to respond, "Get the Kolláge square needles!" she said.  "They're the best needles I've ever knitted with, and they're the only ones I use now."

So, with a statement like that, I had to buy them.  I've been knitting with them for a few months now, and I'd like to say that they are very nice to knit with.  With the needle's unique shape, I've noticed that the needles "lock" in place when I'm yarning over.  Plus, they are easier to grip, because you're grabbing a flat surface.
Here are my needles in action
The only down side that I have found with them is that they are very slick, and because I'm using the double pointed needles, this makes it easy to lose stitches if I'm not paying attention.  So, if these were made in wood, I would be even more of a happy camper.


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